What is Vendo?

Designed for the people.

1 min readFeb 23, 2021


Vendo is a marketplace built on sharing.

Vendo is not the data-driven middle-man. Instead, Vendo makes you the middle man, who businesses can feel comfortable rewarding. And hey, You probably have a little Vendo in you already…

How many times have you suggested a business or product to someone, when they told you that they needed something? Probably pretty often!

That word of mouth influence you have, we all know is a crucial part of a business’s success.

In essence, Vendo is the tool that allows businesses to reward you with actual cash, every time your suggestion brings them another customer.

Human-to-human sharing has always been the most trustworthy and safest medium for our minds to validate a purchase.

On our website, you can signup and then share your link to exclusive promotions to some of your favourite businesses that non-Vendo users would love to get their hands on.

The new, easy and exciting way to earn an extra income has been born.

Oh, and we have big plans!




Vendo is a marketplace where you earn cash, in return for sharing promotional deals to local businesses with family & friends.